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It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up

… and that is exactly what the Bandits have in mind for the rest of the Korean Expatriate Rugby Association (KERA) season.

KERA 19-2

On Saturday, April 20th, Stars and Stripes (Korea) hosted a successful KERA 19-2 at the Paengseong Stadium, Arena and Sports Park, in Pyeongtaek.

The tournament saw the lads come up against some quality opposition in the form of the Ulsan Goblins and Stars & Stripes (Korea) teams, as well as the well-oiled Seoul Survivors machine.

The Busan Bandits huddle for a team talk during the KERA 19-2 tournament

As per the tournament structure the Bandits played three matches. First up was the Ulsan Goblins, who are also building a new team, and the Bandits came away with a decent win, scoring 3 tries to none.

Great day out for the boys yesterday. Some hard games with low numbers, but the team showed great heart and came away with improved results. Well done to our man of the match and Rugby debutante Brandon Augustin. A special thanks to Stars & Stripes Military Rugby Korea and Seoul Survivors Rugby Football Club for helping out with numbers. A lot to work on but massive improvement shown. Rest and heal up. Go Goblins!

Ulsan Goblins Rugby Club 울산럭비

In their second match of the day the lads came up against a rampant Survivors team who crossed the whitewash five times without reply from the Bandits. They stood up to the challenge however, and put together some decent plays. It was also a case of “welcome to the school of hard knocks” you might say and a steep learning curve for a number of lads who, until a few weeks ago, have never touched a rugby ball.

Great day of rugby in Pyeongtaek with the boys coming away with 3 wins against quality opposition.

Seoul Survivors Rugby Football Club

The third match was lost against an up-and-coming Stars team, who are playing some good rugby in 2019. The final score was four tries to none in favour of Stars & Stripes, making it a one from three outing for the Bandits.

The boys put in another solid days work on Saturday and posted some BIG wins to officially take second place in the KERA league standings. We are growing by leaps and bounds every tournament and have shown that we are not a team to be taken lightly.

Stars and Stripes Korea

After two successful years, taking the Joe Day Cup in 2017 and then keeping it in Busan in 2018, the Busan Bandits are in a rebuilding phase. It is nonetheless exciting times for a group of new players learning the basics of rugby. They are eager to improve their skills and make it count on the field. The training and match day turnouts are proof of that eagerness.

Most importantly, they are a group of lads who are embracing the spirit of the Bandits and enjoying themselves to boot.

The moment Erol Bicer realized he needed longer studs

The moment Erol realized he needed longer studs!

Message from coach Adriaan:

A huge thanks for everyone who came out yesterday. Proud of each and everyone. We asked for a bit more commitment on defence, and our tackling was much better. We created plenty of chances but they unfortunately didn’t come off.

There is plenty to be positive about. We will keep on improving and things will come together.

Big Ben had a great first tournament, we had the Goblin show his gas and had old hand Agar back in the mix too. Gary crushed some poor bastards with some big hits (including Gert-friendly fire).

Rest up lads and please clear the first weekend of June, as we will head up to Seoul and have a great night on the piss in Itaweon … right after we take some numbers on the pitch.

Some of you guys pitched up and played with injuries. Big shout out to you. Tough as hell.

Congratulations Jesse Farrelly for being selected as Busan Bandits Player of the Day!

Bandits for Life!

The KERA (Korean Expatriate Rugby Association) League moves on to Pyeongtaek, Gyeongi Province, this weekend.

Stars and Stripes Korea

On April 20th, the Stars and Stripes Korea team will host the 2nd tournament of the 2019 season and all the matches will be played at the 팽성레포츠공원입구. Kick-off is at 2pm and the tournament starts with the hosts playing Seoul Survivors.

Stars and Stripes Korea will host KERA 19-2 in Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Here is the match day schedule (kick-off times are subject to change):

  • Stars & Stripes vs Seoul Survivors (2:00pm-2:30pm)
  • Busan Bandits vs Ulsan Goblins (2:30pm-3:00pm)
  • Stars & Stripes vs Busan Bandits (3:00pm-3:30pm)
  • Seoul Survivors vs Ulsan Goblins (3:30pm-4:00pm)
  • Seoul Survivors vs Busan Bandits (4:00pm-4:30pm)
  • Stars & Stripes vs Ulsan Goblins (4:30pm-5:00pm)

Google Maps – 팽성레포츠공원입구

After all the matches have been concluded, the teams will move on to the Tailgate Tavern for the prize-giving ceremony and social.

Please note that that the starting time for proceedings at the Tailgate Tavern will depend on any changes to the match schedule.

Click on the image for directions to Tailgate Tavern.

The KERA (Korean Expatriate Rugby Association) League 2019 season kicked off in Ulsan, Gyeonsang Province with the Busan Bandits squad sporting a number of new faces and a nervous start.

On April 6th, the Ulsan Goblins RFC hosted a successful 1st tournament of the 2019 season and the matches were played at the 선암호수공원축구장. The first match started at 2pm with the hosts playing Stars and Stripes Korea.

As expected, the Bandits had a shaky start to the season. The team, who lost a couple of star players in the off-season, is in the process of re-building and a number of new players made their debut for the Bandits.

Considering the amount of handling errors and missed tackles on display, the lack of game time as a team was glaringly obvious on the day. Coach Adriaan definitely has his work cut out for him.

It’s not all doom and gloom however. The lads were all committed and a few set plays showed that this team, given a bit of time and practice, can develop in to an effective unit.

Although a there were a number of standout players for the Bandits, only one player could be selected as ‘Player of the Day’ and that player was Michael Comer. Michael received the award on debut for the Bandits and deservedly so. He was outstanding in the line outs and on defense and is an asset to the squad.

KERA 19-1 Bandits Player of the Day - Michael Comer

Other notable mentions are stalwarts Justin Haynes who fought a lone battle in the backline, Gary Dupreez and Michael Lujan in his comeback match.

The Seoul Survivors, on the other hand, made a solid start to their season and their participation in off-season tournaments abroad was evident. They certainly look like the team to beat in 2019.

Here are some of the tournament results:

  • Stars and Stripes 21-0 Ulsan Goblins
  • Seoul Survivors 14-7 Stars and Stripes
  • Busan Bandits 14-14 Stars and Stripes
  • Seoul Survivors RFC 24-7 Busan Bandits
  • Ulsan Goblins 0-70 Seoul Survivors

The prize-giving ceremony and social was held at, longtime Goblins supporter, JJ’s Bar in Ulsan and the teams made sure that the establishment had to urgently replenish their stock the following morning.

Albeit not the kind of results the Busan Bandits were hoping for, the day was a huge success and rugby the ultimate winner.

Next, the KERA Show moves on  to Pyeongtaek, Gyeongi Province for KERA 19-2.

Come play Turbo Touch in Busan. Sessions are held on Saturdays during the months of January through March. Everyone is welcome! We play mixed teams, with juniors and seniors playing together.

What Is Turbo Touch All About?

It is a fast paced indoor game combining elements of Touch, League, Netball, Basketball and Ultimate. 

Turbo Touch™ was developed by Touch New Zealand in association with Ike Tapine Wilson and George Albert Jahnke, two Touch players who wanted to create a sport that could be played all year, indoor and out, that a wide range of people could enjoy. It launched in Wellington in 2009, with competitions in Auckland, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Christchurch and Whangarei close behind.

Source: Turbo Touch

The Busan Bandits play Turbo Touch every year for fun and pre-season training

The game is full of action and perfect for all fitness levels and abilities. It’s the perfect cross-training option for Netball, Rugby, Gaelic Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Touch Rugby, Flag Football and Ultimate. Grab your friends, family, work mates, sports team or just come by yourself and give it a go!

The Busan Bandits RFC are the turbotouch hosts in Busan

How To Play Turbo Touch

Turbo Touch is generally played on an indoor Basketball court with 5 players on the court at any given time, with no more than 10 players allowed on a team. 

The great thing about Turbo Touch is undoubtedly that you can pass the ball forwards, sideways and backwards during the course of a match. The score zone is known as the “Active Zone”. In order to score, the attacking team is required to complete at least two passes before the “active zone” is opened for a touchdown to be scored. The defending team is required to make only two touches before change of possession can occur.

The fast pace and nature of the game, makes it one of the best ways to get in shape and stay fit. Keep in touch with Busan Turbo Touch updates by joining the Turbo Touch Group on Facebook.

Just click on the button below.

Turbo Touch in Busan organised by the Busan Bandits RFC
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