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Becoming a Busan Bandit has been an amazing experience for me that has provided me with a lot lessons and beautiful memories. This year, 2020, was my second AGM and Rookie Evening.

I was blessed enough to be given the opportunity to be a part of the social team and be given the social secretary position by my teammates.

Paps Tladi having fun at the Busan Bandits AGM and Rookie evening

Through the years we have always wanted to make sure the rookies come into the Bandits feeling welcome and that they know that they’re entering into a brotherhood, a family that has each others’ backs on and off the field.

Like any other brotherhood, we create memories that are filled with laughter, gaining trust for one another and appreciating each other’s presence.

Bandits for Life

This year we created teams of 3 where there would be 2 rookies and one veteran all from the same country. The games included home games (indoor activities) that took place in the bar of  The Wolfhound Irish Pub & Restaurant (Haeundae) and the outdoor activities were done around Haeundae beach and the strip.

The games created a lot of trust for each other and pushed the lads to get out of their comfort zones, so this lead to a lot laughter and competitiveness.

Coach Adriaan

To a successful Busan Bandits 2020 AGM and Rookie evening. We hope to create the same atmosphere at all our events and bring more rookies in each year.

Paseka Tladi is the Events and Social Secretary for the Busan Bandits Rugby Football Club in Busan, Republic of Korea.
14 March 2020 Be There For Open Training Day

The Busan Bandits Rugby Club (Busan Bandits RFC)  and Busan Gaelic Football Club (Laochra Busan GAA) are hosting an Open Training Day at the Samnak Soccer Pitch, Sasang-gu (Directions below).

All are welcome…

Come and experience both Gaelic Football and Rugby Union.

Meet the teams, help grow our community AND HAVE FUN!

It’s all about fitness, learning new skills and team building. There will be NO contact for either sport.

The Open Training Day starts at 11am, finishes at 2pm and Pitch Side refreshments will be provided after training.

The Busan Bandits rugby and Laochra Busan gaelic football clubs 2020 open day training in Sasang-gu, Busan

Please check out AND click on the map below for directions.

Keep informed with what’s happening at the Busan Bandits and Laochra Busan by visiting our Facebook Pages.

We hope that you can all attend the Open Training Day on the 14th of March.

Be ready … the clock is ticking!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask using the ‘Your Comments‘ section in the form just below.

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