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The Korean Expatriate Rugby Association League visited Pyeongtaek, Gyeongi Province, for the second time in 2019. This time the event, KERA 19-5, took place at the Osan Middle High School on the Osan Air Base.

Stars and Stripes Korea are the hosts of KERA 19-5 on 28 September 2019 on Osan Air Base

KERA 19 – 5: Stars & Stripes Military Rugby Korea

The Stars & Stripes team used their home ground advantage to great effect by claiming wins against both Ulsan Goblins and Seoul Survivors. It is the second time this year that the up-and-coming military team has claimed a Survivor scalp. They made it 2 wins from 2 matches played.

KERA 19 – 5: Seoul Survivors

The Seoul Survivors registered a win against the Ulsan Goblins and yet another loss to the athletic Stars & Stripes team. Although comfortably leading the KERA Log, they seem to have found a new nemesis.

KERA 19-5: Ulsan Goblins

The Ulsan lads once again put in some spirited performances with new players added to their ranks. They welcomed Spencer Ferguson who played his first KERA tournament in Ulsan colours. Unfortunately they could not manage to register a win on the day.

KERA 19-5: Busan Bandits

The Busan Bandits rugby team was an unfortunate late withdrawel from the KERA 19 – 5 tournament. This was due to a spate of injuries and pre-arranged Rugby World Cup 2019 travel plans.

KERA 19-5 After Party

After all the matches were concluded, the teams moved on to the Tailgate Tavern for the prize-giving ceremony, Rugby World Cup 2019 matches and usual social shenanigans.

Click on the image for directions to Tailgate Tavern.

A big “thank you” to the Stars & Stripes team for hosting a successful KERA 19-5 tournament and congratulations on the two good wins.

It’s Rugby World Cup time and the air is buzzing with excitement … literally, as you just have to access Facebook to get what we mean. But, the pressing matter at hand is … how to watch the rugby world cup online here in Korea, or the rest of Asia for that matter.


There is a long list of official broadcasters available, but it is of no help to us here in Korea. Many of us subscribe to RugbyPass, but unfortunately they don’t have broadcasting rights.

Then, of course, there are a fair number of watering holes across Korea who’ll be screening most, if not all, of the games. If pubs and bars are not your thing, or you’d just like to chill at home and watch online, then we have two solutions for you. 

  • Official Rugby World Cup 2019 website
  • ITV website

It seems that are streaming the matches live (or possibly delayed), and it is a win-win situation for all rugby fans worldwide.

If you experience any problems with streams, then your next option is

What Is ITV

Let us explain …

ITV is a UK based online video on demand service accessible through the main ITV website, The service offers a variety of programs across ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV. Most important of all is that all 48 Rugby World Cup matches will be available on ITV for free (ITV 4 and ITV Hub).

Watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan on ITV Hub

As long as you are in the UK, you can stream all the matches online for free. Okay, so we are not in the UK! How are we going to do this?

Easy … we are going to use a VPN (virtual private network).

What VPN To Use

For the sake of simplicity we recommend you use ExpressVPN. Here’s why …

ExpressVPN is really easy to use, is incredibly fast and works everywhere (incuding China). Also, signing up for ExpressVPN only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is select their pricing plan, enter in your e-mail, and put in your purchase information. There aren’t any long-winded questionnaires involved. Just a quick 1,2,3 and you’re done.

The Busan Bandits recommend ExpressVPN to keep you safe from prowling eyes

You can use ExpressVPN on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You’re allowed up to three connections per subscription. So if you’re person with multiple devices you won’t get left out in the cold.

Unlike other VPNs that require you to enter your login information every time you use their software, you only have to enter an activation code (which is given to you when you sign-up and download ExpressVPN) once and you’re ready to watch World Cup Rugby 2019 online. They have a monthly subscription available if you are not interested in subscribing to a VPN service for the long haul.

After you have subscribed to, and downloaded ExpressVPN, you then access ITV.

Remember to have your VPN activated with your location set to UK, London, before you click through to ITV. Then all you need to do is sign up for a free ITV account, confirm your e-mail address, and you’re good to go. Just note that you’ll be asked to enter a (UK) post code. You can find a way around that here.

We hope this information helped you to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 online in Korea and that your team exceeds your expectations.

It’s that time folks – Rugby World Cup 2019 (Japan) and you can catch the vibe right here in Busan.

We’ve been waiting for this event for the last four years and the excitement levels are on an all-time high. The Busan Bandits RFC have decided to show their support for the most prestigious event on the rugby union calendar by organizing a pub crawl in Gwangan, Busan.

Gorilla Brewing Co, LA Bar&Grill and Evas Pub & Lounge, have made it possible for us to enjoy 6 or 7 hours of drinking beer, eating delicious food and sharing great banter. There are rugby matches to be watched and supporters will no doubt froth over the big hits and cheap shots.

The Busan Bandits are hosting a pub crawl in Busan on September 21, 2019

Times and Venues

The pub crawl kicks off 4pm – 6:30pm at the Gorilla Brewing Co. The first stage of the crawl includes …

  • 2 Craft beers and scrumptious chicken wings.
  • Live Screening – France vs Argentina

Next, from 6:45pm – 9pm, we move on to LA Bar&Grill, where you’ll be treated to …

  • 3 Craft beers and a mouth watering light buffet.
  • Live Screening – South Africa vs New Zealand

Finally, we crawl to Evas Pub & Lounge at 9:30pm – 11:30pm. The final  stage of the crawl includes …

  • 2 Sexy cocktails
  • Rooftop banter and …
  • Great music.

What Is The Cost?

For the first 20 people, it’ll be KRW 40 000 and after that it’s KRW 45 000. Please note that space is limited. So please contact Justin Haynes via private message ASAP.

How To Get To Gorilla Brewing Co.

Bring your friends and come out to Gwangan to enjoy the Busan Rugby World Cup 2019 Pub Crawl with us and our club supporters!

On Saturday June 24th, 2019, the Busan Bandits RFC hosted KERA 19 – 4,  the first of their two home tournaments. The tournament took place at the Baegunpo Sports Park in Yongho-dong, Busan.

It was a great day for rugby and all the teams came out firing. The Bandits started the day well with wins over the ever-improving Stars & Stripes team and our friends from up the coast, the Ulsan Goblins. The last match of the day was lost to a rampant Seoul Survivors team. The Bandits played 3 matches with 2 wins and 1 loss.

The Busan Bandits rugby club hosted KERA 19-4 at the Baegunpo Sports Park in Yongho-dong, Busan.

KERA 19-4: Ulsan Goblins

The Goblins, who are also in a rebuilding phase, had a tough day with 0 from 3 matches played. They are still looking for their first win of the season.

KERA 19-4: Stars & Stripes Military Rugby Korea

The Stars & Stripes Military Rugby Korea team had a really good day with wins over the Ulsan Goblins and the Seoul Survivors. They put in a very good performance against the Survivors, displaying some dazzling handling skills.

Their continuous pressure play and athletism paid off handsomely with a surprising, yet satisfying, win over the Seoul Survivors. They came out of the tournament with 2 wins from 3 matches played.

KERA 19-4: Seoul Survivors

The Survivors are playing excellent rugby this year and looks set to reclaim the Joe Day Cup at the end of the season. Despite the loss to the Stars & Stripes team, they put in dominating performances against quality opposition in the form of the Goblins and the Bandits. They are definitely the form team of the 2019 season. They played 3 matches, winning 2 and losing 1.

KERA 19-4: Final Word

The next tournament, KERA 19-5, will be take place after the summer break. It will be hosted by the Stars & Stripes team on the Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek.

As a whole, it was a good day for the Busan Bandits team. The tournament was well organised, with special mentions to Andrew Court, Coach Adriaan Neetling and Jun Hyeok Yoo. The lads put in solid performances on the pitch and there is a great spirit present in the club.

Also, a big thank you to Kevin Seiff for jetting in just to play for the Bandits. Kevin was scheduled to fly into Korea ( from San Diego, California) for a business meeting in Seoul, but changed his plans and flights in order to play for the Bandits a week earlier.

That is what the Bandits are all about.

Kevin Seiff is a life member of the Busan Bandits rugby club.

KERA 19-4: The Busan Bandits Lads

Great day yesterday lads. Game 3 – fitness and heat took it’s toll. Great turnout at the aftermatch. The visiting teams had a blast too. Happy to have been here to join in! 

David Poole

You sir, are  an absolute pleasure to be around. Thank you and thanks lads for a great day! We smashed Ulsan, put a great performance against S&S and were unfortunate against Seoul. However, we sucked up that defeat like professionalsand continue to shine as a team in the bar!! Thanks to this brotherhood we continue to grow and strive as gentlemen and legends! Great day boys.

Justin Haynes

I love every single one of you and i am so happy with the state of Bandits. We played a well, tough fought season and I can’t wait to smash some XXXX in the second half. Bandits 4 Life!

Francis Flanagan

Great weekend lads , I agree with Justin there is such a great energy between the boys! This is why we love the bandits.

PG Spamer

From my side, thanks to everyone that contributed. I know there are some guys who live far away that are putting in extra work during the week to get fitter/stronger. The lads that got injured: Jun, Justin and Gert-please rest up well. Let’s use this break in the season to recruit and have some fun events. We have started our fight back up the points ladder and the second half of the season is going to be interesting. Great night out too, I was struggling all day!

The Busan Bandits are looking forward to the second half of the season and in particular the hosting of their second home tournament, KERA 19 – 6, on Saturday, October 19th.

A rugby match can not be won with an all out attack mindset only. A defensive mindset and the skills to go with it is very important. That means you have to know how to execute a rugby tackle effectively without doing yourself an injury.

The rugby tackle is important because it gives your team the opportunity to stop an attacking player, win possession of the ball, and giving your team the chance to launch a counter-attack. Remember … rugby is all about possesion.

What You Should Understand About The Rugby Tackle

  • The tackle is a learned skill the only improves with practice.
  • Effective execution of a tackle will give you dominance over the ball carrier.
  • Understanding tackling techniques will give you the confidence to execute a tackle correctly.

Technical Aspects Of The Rugby Tackle

  • Set an early defensive line and make sure you communicate with players inside and outside of you.
  • Adopt a low crouching position and come of the defensive line hard! Line speed is everything.
  • Aim for the hip area with your head facing to the left or right from the contact zone. Right shoulder – face left. Left shoulder – face right.
  • One meter from point of contact, place your outside foot inbetween the ball carriers’ stride. Hit the body under the ball.
  • Use your outside hand to hook below the attacking players’ outside knee (upper-calf area).
It is important to execute fast line-speed and smash hard in rugby tackles.

Aim for the hip area with your head facing to the left or right from the contact zone. Right shoulder – face left. Left shoulder – face right.

  • Once your shoulder makes contact with the ball carrier, squeeze your elbows together and pump your legs (strong leg-drive). Finish on top of him.
  • Immediately release once the opposition player is on the ground.
  • Get up quickly and attack the ball (win possesion).
Get Up Quickly And Attack The Ball

Get up quickly and attack the ball.

Develop a Defensive Mindset

  • Organize the defensive line.
  • Speed off the line is crucial. You have to be faster than the attacking ball carrier.
  • Hit hard and low. Get back to your feet as quickly as possible.
  • Get your hands on the ball and win possession for your team.
  • Keep on working hard after the tackle.

How To Do It

Here’s a video posted by the Texas Rugby Union with Jamie Joseph (ex-All Black lock and flanker) demonstrating tackle techniques.

Here’s another video with Brendan Venter (ex-Springbok centre) taking some schoolboy players through tackling drills.


There you have it!

Turn your yourself into a dominating tackler capable of stopping the opposition ball carrier on the gain line and winning turnovers for your team. 

The Human Trainer body weight suspension training.
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