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Travelers sometimes find it difficult to exercise due to a lack of gym facilities, communication issues in foreign countries, or being forced to sign up for expensive gym contracts. Any of these situations can be very frustrating but there is a solution for for people on the road to stay fit and in shape ... the Human Trainer Suspension Gym.

Suspension gyms always seem to be incorporated into popular workouts in some way or another. They are used by elite athletes to increase their all-round flexibility, agility and core. They also give you a great full body workout. They are portable, fun and easy to use.

Introducing the Human Trainer

The Human Trainer offers you a way to work out that is highly efficient, works your whole body, adapts to any fitness level and is actually fun.

Instead of using bulky weights, plates, or pulleys, The Human Trainer uses the human body for resistance. The dynamic resistance principal allows you to instantly adjust the amount of your body weight you are lifting by simply shifting your angle. You can lift as little or as much as you can by simply changing the angle of your body.

What The Human Trainer Is All About

It allows you to switch from one exercise to another without consuming a lot of your workout time. With a simple adjustment of the detachable handle to any one of the five rings on the main strap and you're on to the next exercise. With it's unique dual strap design you can even do dips, chin-ups and pull-ups.

Engage you core and stabilizer muscles like never before. The multiple clipping positions mean that you can quickly adapt The Human Trainer to do a any number of exercises including:

  • pull ups
  • dips
  • rows
  • chest press
  • ab crunches
  • assisted squats
  • tricep press
  • and dozens more


The Human Trainer Essential Kit comes with ...

  • Two main straps
  • Two hand handles
  • Two foot cradles
  • Two door stoppers
  • User manual
  • Door hanger
The Human Trainer Essential Kit offers you everything you need for a mobile full body workout.

The doorstoppers are very handy when traveling and you don't have a place to stabilize your suspension gym. You can even continue using the door with doorstoppers in place. The user manual gives you an all-round overview of the product and also includes instructions and even some illustrated exercises. The door hanger is comes in handy when you want to warn other door users that a workout is in session.

If you prefer to add on all the available accessories, you can consider the Full Potential Complete Kit. These extras include ...

  • Ceiling mounts
  • Versatility anchors
  • Extra hand handles
  • Ab straps
The Human Trainer Full Potential Complete Kit offers you versatility options for indoor and outdoor training and workouts.

The versatility anchors comes in handy when you are training outdoors and need to make use of trees or jungle gyms.

What We Enjoy Most About The Human Trainer

What we appreciate about the Human Trainer Suspension Gym is that it doesn't take up a lot of room. It's lightweight and portable so you can travel with it. It also has an attachment so it can be used outdoors.

If you want to enjoy a nice summers day, but also feel the need for a workout, no problem. Just pack your Human Trainer in a bag, find a suitable area at the beach, the park (jungle gyms or trees) and enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can check the Human Trainer out here.

The Human Trainer body weight suspension training.

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